Farm animals deserve painkillers too

November 17, 2010 06:15 pm ET

Merloze Tilme

Founded in 1999, Mercy For Animals (MFA) is a national non – profit animal rights group based in Chicago, Illinois. In 2009 MFA released a disturbing and graphic undercover video to Fox News revealing unnecessary animal cruelty that was taking place at a large pig breeding facility in Fannettsburg, Pennsylvania. The video shows employees at the Farm grabbing baby piglets by their ears and tossing them across the room, castrating and cutting off tails, mutilating, gassing, and killing pigs in the most painful of methods known to man. And all this was done without the use of pain killers.

At the present, there are no federal laws that protect animals while they are on the Farm, and most state anti- cruelty statutes exempt farm animals. Fox News stated that “no federal law requires the United States Department of Agriculture to inspect farms where animals are raised to be slaughter.” These animals feel the same pain that your pet dog or cat would feel if faced with unnecessary suffering. Thousands of pregnant pigs confined in two – feet wide metal stalls so small that they could only take one step forward or backward, and do not allow the animals to lie down or turn around. Mercy For Animals continues to seek the implementation of state or federal laws that will protect farm animals.

In a separate incident People for Ethical treatment of Animals (PETA) also sent undercover investigators at Greene County, Iowa. Supervisors and workers were caught beating pigs with metals bars. They slammed the heads of the piglets that were deemed too small for use onto the concrete floor. Some of these pigs were thought to be in labor while these supervisors abuse them. In these slaughter houses, pigs are hung upside-down, while bleeding and scalding, most of the time they are still conscious.

I feel that raising animals and killing animals for food is an ugly business. Camera’s should be installed in these farms and randomly be monitored by a third party so that an employee who abuses these animals can face termination and prosecution. No one has the right to treat any living creature this way. Just as Human feel pain; these animals also bleed and feel the same pain. As a woman I think about what if it were me being abuse while in labor, and though these are animals this situation is no different. These animals should be giving painkillers. Even people who refuse to give up animal flesh, in favor of plant based protein sources can agree it is not okay to torture animals.


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