Hurricane Tomas ravishes the poorest nation on the Western Hemisphere

HAITI – Hurricane Tomas will only make matters worst for the Caribbean island of Haiti. The Haitian government warned  thousands of homeless earthquake survivors to flee tens for sturdier shelters as Tomas closed in, the death toll was reported to be 250,000 to 300,000.The earthquake reduce much of the capital to rubbles. With so many people still living in tents, the winds, flooding rains, and landslides due to deforestation will be a great threat to the people’s continued survival.

The catastrophe gets worst for the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation, as hurricane Tomas ravish the western tip of Haiti. Following the earthquake over taxed aid workers were already struggling to keep up with the Cholera outbreak. On Friday November 5, 2010 the category one Hurricane Tomas caused up to 15 inches of rain and triggered flash floods and mud slides. According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, there were reports from the town of Jeremi, Haiti of destroyed houses, downed trees and the flooding from nearby rivers had entered some tents. Many people just hurdled in their tents, waiting for the wind and rain to pass.

Tomas killed at least 14 people when it hit the eastern part of the Caribbean island St. Lucia on Saturday October 31, 2010 as a tropical storm, but forecasters say Tomas became a category one Hurricane as it approached Haiti early Friday morning. The Haitian government confirmed on fatality due to the hurricane.

My father William Tilme traveled to Haiti recently to visit some relatives, and I received a call from him Friday at noon. He said my grandfather Castro Tilme was hospitalized due to the cholera outbreak, my grandfather suffered from severe diarrhea and vomiting. How did he get it? My father said, “Dad traveled a long distant to the mountain side and drink water he taught was purified water.” How is he doing now? William said “the vomiting and diarrhea had stop but he looks very weak.

To some all of this that is happenings in Haiti may be a blessing in disguise to bring some much needed attention to chronic poverty in Haiti, but for those that’s been living in tents for the past 10 months the only worry is survival.

Source:The daily Haitian Times

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William Tilme


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