700 families in Kenya now live in unsuitable conditions

The largest refugee camp in the world, Dagahaley camp, in Dadaab, Kenya, can no longer accept hundreds of families because the camp complex is so overcrowded. The overflowing refugee camp contains about 300, 000 Somali refugees, even though it was built for only 90,000. The country’s government is extremely weak and lawless. Much of the country’s violence is fueled by the need of basic resources like access to clean water, food and vaccination.

One in five children in Somalia is underfed. 1.2 million Somalis have been force from their home villages due to clashes between rebel groups and government forces since the current moderate president came to power. Save The Children said, about half of those displaced, including the injured, were children. Medecins San Frontieres on Friday called upon the international aid community and Kenyan authorities to reach an agreement to provide assistance to the families, as rain season is approaching. The United Nations (UN) has estimated that at least 250,000 people could be displaced by the post-election violence. The UN Human Rights Council say services are stretched to their limits and there is a growing risk of disease outbreak.

Thousands of children have been deeply emotionally affected by what they have experienced. The camps are full of children crying uncontrollably and their parents are themselves too traumatized to cope”, said Jan Coffey, Save the Children’s director for Kenya, said in a statement. “They will be scared, confused, vulnerable, and many cases, sleeping rough without enough food or water”.
Communities perceived to have voted for President Mwai Kibaki have been targeted for attacks by people thought to be supporters of Raila Odingo, who has challenged Kibaki’s re-election on the grounds of alleged poll rigging of presidential elections held in December 27, 2007.

Cable News Network (CNN)
Hiiraan News (News and information about Somalia)


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