How to become a model

Modeling is an exciting career but not everyone can succeed in the field. The modeling business is not only about looking good. You have to have a unique look. You must be passionate about the industry. If you are serious about becoming a model, there are steps you can take to fulfill your dream. It is important to find a good agency,  know your measurements, and be in great physical shape.

Initially, you must have a trustworthy agent or representative. There are agencies all over but living in a city that is in the top 10 in the markets will be a great advantage. These major cities have a number of modeling agencies. They hold castings or open calls to look for new models and talents. Be cautious especially when an agency asks for money in the beginning. Most legitimate agencies get paid through commissions they take a percentage of your pay for every job that you do. Remember if an agent really believe in you and that they can profit from your work they will invest in you.

Meanwhile, you should know your measurements. The basic measurements are your height, weight and of course shoe size. You should also know your clothing measurements like your dress size, chest (Bra), and waist. Don’t forget to also know your exact hair color, skin tone, and the color of your eyes.

Finally, you must be in shape and keep your stress levels under control. Of course, staying in shape requires a lot of exercise. As a model, agents expect you to control weight gain and drastic weight lost. You can easily do this by understanding proper eating habits. Yoga, swimming, and meditating is really helpful when it comes to mental health. I remember back when I use to model. I would get a call for a job sometimes last-minute. I was able to alter my body within a weeks to fit the look, while remaining healthy.

Read a few books and magazines (Elle, Vogue, Essence) on modeling so you can have some basic knowlege on the modeling industry. You need some great photos to include in your portfolio. Put your images and HTML documents on modeling services sites and off course social networks and youtube is a great way to gain exposure (

Modeling is an exciting career but if not careful may lead to eating disorders and a need to always look irresistible. remember it’s a career just like any other job. The stress levels are high. Be ambitious and passionate at all times. Good luck!

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