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Book: Caught Between Two Spiritual Worlds


This is a true story, a series of events that transpired in my life which I deemed necessary to expose and by so doing alert others to vigilance.  Naturally, the subject matter is sensitive both for me and all parties involved. I can never discount the relevance of demons, deny their reality and their harassing ways.  If and when I was to do so, I would magnify the role of human agents.  Frequently, even mature Christians underestimate the magnitude of the spiritual warfare enlisted in from the time of the new birth.  We are in a severe struggle, persistently and subtly driven by powerful, spiritual opposing forces beyond our comprehension.  Often we rely on human resources and fail to use the spiritual source available to us through the power of the Holy Spirit.  I fell in the fourth generation of my maternal fore-parents’ lineage to suffer unnecessary heartbreaking consequences because of spiritual ignorance.  Since I came to see “the light” of Jesus Christ, I made up my mind to loose all yokes of bondage over my generation and the ones to come after me should Christ tarry.  I now know demonic spirits are to be kept afar and never be trusted.  Even though at times through subtlety we may be deceived to think that certain spirits work for the good and well-being of a person, such deception should be seen as a trap, a means of securing the individual into a mesh.  Sooner or later, such individual will be caught unaware and conquered.  It should never be a surprise how the Devil, the starch enemy of the saints, will use anyone, “foe” and often those who would be considered “ally,” to win a person over to cause him to fall.  Read on and enjoy this treat to your spiritual health!


Caught Between Two Spiritual Worlds


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