Haiti’s problems can’t be addressed without greater co-operation and trust | Global development | guardian.co.uk

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The situation has now become quite critical. The prices of basic goods and food have gone up again, the middle class is now complaining of high taxation, and the hurricane season has started. There is a lot to be done. But a good way to start fixing the myriad problems facing Haiti, and to make aid truly efficient in the earthquake’s aftermath, is for domestic and international stakeholders to work together in a more logical and effective way.

Some players, including aid agencies and donors, are not co-ordinating their aid efforts, and people are now complaining. The Haitians have a saying – “Se pat fot mwen”, meaning “It’s not my fault” – which they have learned from external groups working in Haiti. The international community uses this phrase when talking about how they brought a lot of money and expertise to Haiti only for the overall situation to remain the…

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