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What Is a Focus Group and How Are They Used?

In this video, Hector Lanz explains how focus groups work.

Focus groups help advertisers or companies understand questions like why consumers buy certain products or certain brands.

A focus group is when you gather a group of people who are different in demographics but have similar wants and habits to help companies gain a deeper understanding of consumer buying habits.

When a company is about to release a new product or a new version of an existing product they use focus groups to find out how the product will be received by consumers.

Example, an artist that is about to release an album may have a listening party, to predict how the album will be received by the audience; this to me is another form of a focus group.

According to the video by “Hector Lanz,” the great thing about focus groups is that almost anything can be explored through the focus group research technique.

From a new beauty line, new book, new album, household items durability, to finding out a politicians popularity are just a few examples how focus groups can predict how well a product will do.

What I learn from this video is that some people buy products without consciously understanding why. It’s almost companies are trying to understand the consumer better than they understand themselves.



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