Why is A college education so Important?

A lot of people wonder, what is the point of attending college is. Some may even say it’s a waste of time and money. My question is, why not go to college? Okay, okay, sure college cost a lot of money, but imagine yourself in this dark closet and you know there is a door but no matter how much you search, you can’t locate the door knob. Well college not only help you find the door it guides you every step of the way. Higher learning helps you think outside the box and it means and it allows you to live a better life. College helps you view yourself and the world in such a different way. A college education is the surest way to have a secure future not only, will you be setting the standards for your children you will also be financially stable.

Employment opportunities are way better for someone with a college degree because employers understand that college teaches discipline, improves communication skills, and off course teaches managing and organizing skills (buzzle.com). Although, generating money right after graduation sounds appealing. However it’s not always the case. Having a degree doesn’t mean a thing if do not know how to sell yourself. There are a number of studies showing that people without a college degree usually makes thousands of dollars less in salary each year in contrast to those with a degree (ehow.com).

Another great reason, why you should further your education is the fact you want to set a good example for your children. All the skills you’ve learn in college is passed on to your children effortlessly because children learn best by seeing. Aside from teaching your children values and morals when their parents are educated, this automatically help them set their own standards. No child, want to do less than their parents. Even when there is a great deal of temptation in your child’s life, your priorities, leadership qualities, and off course your actions will always set the standards for your descendants (www.2.ed.gov).

If you are a materialistic individual don’t be surprised if you see this trait in your children. I always see parents literally yelling at their children, saying things like you better to college, wait for marriage before having children, and respect those around you. But how can us, as parents expect our children to have self-discipline, manage money, and understand self-worth, if they don’t see this quality in us.

How can you tell your children that stealing and cheating is wrong, On the other hand, you’re always bragging about how you made an extra buck under the table at your job? Our children are smarter than we think. Why set high standards and clear expectations? Because every children needs guidance. Research shows that a child learns self-confidence with the struggles that comes with trying also with guidance from parents (www.2.ed.gov).

Next, be patient with your children and attempt to include them in your decision making. This will make them feel important. Imagine how good it feels when your superior or your boss listens to your ideas at work and speak as if you were their equal. Don’t you have a greater respect for him/her? This goes for your children also.

The worst thing you can do is allow people to think for you. Some may say college isn’t for everyone. Some may even say, well you already have a high paying job. But ask yourself, what happens if I get loose this great paying job? Here’s your answer, you will be left to rely on your experiences only and depend on how you lost your last job, and you may not even be able to use that particular job for reference. So do yourself a favor and get an education.

For example, I’ve always known what my passion was but friends and family would try to persuade me to go to law school due to my leadership capabilities. Some even suggested that I be a doctor. Sure those are safe careers. People will always need doctors and attorneys. If you’re not passionate about your field, that’s wasting your time. Even if you’re not sure exactly what it is you want to with your life. Just go. Figure it out during your time there. Differences can range from $20, 000 more for bachelors degree to $60, 000 more for doctorate or higher each year.

In writing this article I hope to inspire at least one person to attend college, invest in your future, be more accepting of our world, and off course set the standards for your children and everyone in your family.

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