Establishing The Internship

Establishing the Internship

During my two years at City College I was pretty unsure if and where I would get an internship opportunity. I’ve heard some stories in the past about how students would go on these internship opportunities and file paper works and basically follow someone around all day in hopes of learning about the Broadcasting/Journalism industry.

I was referred to BECON TV, for an internship opportunity by a former intern (Sam Cooper). But during my interview with Webmaster Mike Zuazo and Public Relations Coordinator Noel Hyatt, I mentioned my personal website that I built and by viewing my website ( both Noel and Mike noticed my marketing capabilities. They were very impressed. For the next 3 months I worked along with Zuazo and helped launch the BECON social network feeds page.

As with most internship, I wasn’t paid nor offered a job but I am grateful to have learned so much in only a 90 day period. During my internship (tried very hard to hide my timidity) I was sociable  but remain professional at all times as far as my wardrobe and attitude.

The Learning Objectives

One of my goals was to be a news Anchor. So having the opportunity to intern at a TV station was great. I’ve done some fashion modeling work, television gigs, and was even a recruiter for a modeling company in the past. But since I have such a passion for writing, I knew someday I would end up writing T.V or Radio. I wanted to learn what’s it’s like to be in a T.V station and all the departments that make it possible to run. From the management, marketing and promotions team, producers, writers, and the web designers.

During a taping of the school duel show (BECONTV) I was part of the audience and helped with teleprompter. I was trained to do all of these things in school but having the opportunity to do it during a live taping felt great. I was able to compare what I’ve learned in class and apply it in an actual show!

The BECON TV Organization

Broward Education Communication Network is a non-profit organization. BECON TV use broadcast television and technologies like the Internet to develop and deliver instructional, educational and community programming to enhance student achievement and life-long learning (becontv).

BECON is owned and operated by the School Board of Broward County. Most of the programming is commercial free and educational. Each month BECON produces many programs every month including, Celebrate South Florida, The New Haitian Generation and many more community based forums.

BECON is an Emmy Award-Winner. The network offers Sponsorships and Underwriting opportunities to companies that want to Co-Brand with the station.

My Responsibilities During the 90-hr

I was assigned to work with Webmaster Mike Zuazo. Mike is responsible for developing the webpage designs and layout of the BECON websites and other websites associated with Broward Schools. Graphics is assign to a different department. I learned a lot about the Dreamweaver program and Fireworks program while working with Webmaster Mike Zuazo.

While there I improved my proficiency in Microsoft Office, HTML, social network marketing and campaign and internet search engine optimization. I also learned more about computer languages like JavaScript, CSS, Pearl, IFRAME, and XHTML. This helped me to improve my website pages, appearance, and settings.

I was able to work aside mike to debug any issues that interferes with the performance of the website. I took a leading role when we combined multiple social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube feeds into the BECON website as well as AdWords and AdSense accounts to increase traffic and marketing. I also coordinated step-by-step instructions on how to add widgets, links, suggestion button, and like boxes to the BECON website.

I’ve always wanted to be in the Broadcasting industry. So this opportunity is one I will never forget. Mike Zuazo made me feel pretty welcome. After completing the 90 hours required for internship. Mike Zuazo gave me a recommendation letter and gave me his permission to use him as reference. BECON also added my bio on their website, since I helped launched their social network feeds page. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Alvin Lewis (Department Chair) and Samantha Cooper for the reference.


Please leave a comment for Merloze if you have a topic suggestion for her to cover.

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