Music Theory: Why do we listen to music?

Music is an ancient art form. It is entertaining, it is an escape at times, and most importantly it brings people together. To some music is just another form of entertainment but music plays an important part of my life.

The significant of music varies depending on culture and genres. Not only is used for entertainment for most cultures, but some cultures also use music for religious or spiritual ceremonies.

Did you know that Indian classical music is one of the oldest musical traditions in the World?

Music inspires  in a lot of ways. With every emotion there is a certain type of music I would listen to. Music is a form of therapy. Even deaf people can benefit from music because they are able can feel the vibrations through their body. There are plenty of well-known musician/composers like Ludwig Van Beethoven, Evelyn Glennie, Chris Buck and the list goes on.

The radio station “99Jams” in South Florida has consistently been number one in the country. Why? Not only does it play Hip Hop and R&B. the station is usually the first to play new music, they keep listeners tuned in because they are always giving away tickets to exclusive concerts and sometimes prizes. I think some of the reasons they stay number one in the country especially South Florida is because they put much research on their listeners mental process, cultures, and off course the emotional responses are a major part of the research.

Music and the Internet

The Internet has also transformed the way we listen to music due to ease of access. For companies the digital storage cost are low because they can store their whole inventory of music online which gives and customers increased choice. Everyone wins. Customers have more variety and companies can actually get to know their customers preferences through online communities and social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube and Rhapsody.

Music as an Educational tool

I remember trying to teach my 4-year old daughter basic skills like the Alphabets, shapes and counting. It got a bit frustrating for the both of us. I knew it was either she wasn’t ready for some of the subjects or it wasn’t fun to learn. When I tried teaching her using music and making up songs as we go along. She was very excited and eager to learn. Music helps people remember. That is when I realize that music can play an important role in education.


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