The Roman Catholic Verses the Baptist beliefs

Growing up in Haiti, I was raised with Baptist beliefs. But I used to question why would my family raise me as an evangelic, if Haiti is predominantly a Roman Catholic faith base religion. Equally both religions believe in Jesus Christ. However may Roman catholic beliefs are different from Baptist beliefs.  While there many similarities between Baptist and Catholic beliefs, there are numerous differences like their beliefs baptism and life after death.

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...
Merloze Tilme

The Baptist claims that there is no passage or record in the Bible that mentions infant baptism ( There is no record The Bible also states that baptism can only be giving to those who can believe. The word “baptize” in the original Greek means “to immense” in water. The Baptist believes in adult baptism, but yet the Catholics believe in infant baptism. This belief is due to the fact that adults understand life and sin and can understand what it means to truly be a believer in Jesus Christ “the savior”. They also do not believe that baptism alone cannot save them from their sins. You have to have a combination of faith and baptism.

Roman Catholics is the biggest church in existence, in contrast to a smaller population of Baptist believers. While the Baptist believe in praying directly to God in the name of Jesus. In opposition the Catholic Church usually report their sins to their priest and pray to the Virgin Mary and a number of saints who have gone before them. The Catholics believe that these saints can pray to God for them. This is the reason you will notice a lot of saints and decorations on the wall in a Catholic Church setting. Whereas the Baptist church setting is a more simple with crosses.

Another big difference between the two churches is the fact that Catholics priest cannot get married in order to keep their mind and body pure. On the other hand Baptist ministers can. In conclusion, the two religions share a basic common belief. Both of these religions believe God is the ultimate God and that Jesus Christ died for our sins.

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The Holy Bible-King James Version Copyright 1978 by National Publishing Company ISBN:0-8340-0425-9



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