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What Is a Focus Group and How Are They Used? In this video, Hector Lanz explains how focus groups work. Focus groups help advertisers or companies understand questions like why consumers buy certain products or certain brands. A focus group is when you gather a group of people who are different in demographics but have similar wants and habits to help companies gain a… Continue reading What Is a Focus Group and How Are They Used?

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The Scorpio Women October 23 – November 22

Source: The Scorpio Women October 23 – November 22

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Nelson Mandela hospitalized and unresponsive

The former African leader Nelson Mandela has been reported to be unresponsive (Global Grind). According to CBS the 94 year old Mandela hasn’t open his eyes in days. The ambulance carrying Nelson Mandela had engine problem so the Nobel Peace Prize laureate was transferred to another ambulance, after waiting on the highway for 40 minutes.… Continue reading Nelson Mandela hospitalized and unresponsive